List of Known Mods

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As of January 3rd, 2019, Slay the Spire mods can now be officially found on the Steam Workshop.

If you can't find a mod on the Workshop, but it is on this list, you may still download it off this list and play with it. Download the mod and place it in the `mods` directory as outlined in steps 4 and 5 of Playing Mods.

Table of Contents

API Mods


Slay the Spire mod which provides a modding API and a dev console.

Friendly Minions

Library for creating friendly minions for custom and base-game characters.


A small collection of common keywords and mechanics so each mod doesn't have to re-implement them.

New Characters

The Seeker

EDIT: Maintained here until original mod author resumes work)

Fruity Mod for Slay the Spire adds an entirely new character class, The Seeker, and a new set of 75 cards for him to use. The Seeker is a purple colored combination mage/astronomer that uses power from the Astral Plane to cast his spells upon himself and his enemies.

The Valiant

The Valiant is a new class, featuring 75 cards and 9 relics, some with a full set of 5 levels of unlocks. The Valiant encourages players to take big risks, reap big rewards, and do whatever it takes to win. Themes: Life Loss. Life gain. Cards that cost 3 or more. Smiting enemies (Extra damage with having a certain debuff.) HP amount matters.

The Witch

The Witch mod features 75+ new cards and 3 new relics. Her main theme is Curses: her starting relic (Black Cat) adds a temporary random curse to the draw pile at the beginning of each combat, but grants 1 energy everytime you draw a curse.

The Construct

The Construct is a new class that adds 75 new cards and 8 new relics. It is a mix of the many robotic enemies you'll find in the Spire, and uses familiar abilities like Mode Shift, supporting Cores, and of course the Hyper Beam. Its main strength is adaptability; the new Cycle keyword gives you some control over the composition of your hand at any given time, and your starter Mode Shift cards allow you to switch between attack and defense on the fly.

Mad Scientist

The Mad Science mod adds 75 new cards, and a new character called the Mad Scientist. The Mad Scientist uses small trinkets and powerful attacks that need Fuel. There are cards that offer choices when played, and that have effects when drawn.

The Servant

The Servant is inspired by Sakuya Izayoi (十六夜 咲夜), a female character appears in Touhou games. She is able to control the flow of time and uses throwing-knives as her primary weapons.



The Mystic

Adds a new character: The Mystic, A master of two opposed styles. Along with a full complement of 75 colored cards and 6 related special rarity colorless cards. The cards are split by two new sub-types and often have bonuses for playing a card of the other type, rewarding diverse deck-building.


Note: Requires Friendly Minions to run (

Adds a new character: Yohane from Love Live! Yohane is a character all about trade offs and big numbers. Many cards are powerful, but have some sort of negative effect to them requiring well thought out plays, highly rewarding plays.

The Disciple

The Disciple is a difficult and challenging custom Slay the Spire character themed after the Time Eater. The deck is designed around choosing the correct time for cards to be played to gain max value, and has four central themes: Card Retention, Intent Shifting, Card Transforming, and Temporary Relic Cycling.

Contains a complete character with fully custom artwork, and a complete pool of cards, relics, and potions to accompany.

The Beaked

The Beaked was blessed by the cult of the Awakened One, then cursed for stealing sacred knowledge. This cultist relies on healing and familiar techniques to power through, resorting to potent but hard to replicate spells.

Adds a new character with 75 cards, 4 relics, and a new Act 2 boss - with lots more content being added over time! Designed by the wonderful folks in Rhapsody's Discord channel.

The Warrior

The Warrior is a new mod that adds a custom character called The Warrior. The main idea of this mod is COMBO.

This mod is currently alpha. It already added 75 cards and 1 starting relic, but they need some art and need to be balanced. Any advice will be welcome. If you found a bug, please open a new issue to let me know.

The Blackbeard

Adds a new character for Slay The Spire, named The Blackbeard, with 75 new cards, 14 new relics and 2 new potions.

The Blackbeard is a new class based on pirate theme. His most important mechanic are Weapons. Other mechanics are: Cannonballs, Resistance, Gold scaling cards and Debuff cleansing.

The Gatherer

GathererMod adds The Gatherer as new character, with 75 cards and 8 relics.

The Gatherer is a new class focuses on potions. She has a Potion Sack which holds 3 lesser version of potions. They're also available in one combat only.

Other mechanics: "Collector"(cares about having various unique cards), 2+ cost card, on-obtain effect.

The Juggernaut

EDIT: Maintained here until original mod author resumes work)

A heavily armored brute, as adept at dealing fearsome blows as he is at taking them.
His reckless temperament causes him to act without fear of consequences.
Themes: Plated Armor, Strength, Draw-Reduction, Negative Dexterity, Confusion, Overflow (Unique end-of-turn effects while the card is in hand).

The Necromancer

EDIT: Maintained here until original mod author resumes work)

The Marksman

This mod add new character called The Marksman with new mechanics like Critical hits and Burning. Also changes Burns to light you on fire and adds a new shared relic: Scales Of Injustice. You can discuss and report bugs on the official discord server:

The Glutton

GluttonMod adds a new character for Slay The Spire, The Glutton. It has 75 cards and 11 relics.

The Glutton is a insatiable being, eternally wandering the spire in search of its next meal. It specializes in its own suffering, burdened by cards that afflict the user with pain and injury, as well as those that greatly benefit from such. The Glutton has a limited number of defensive abilities compared to other classes, but makes up for it with a greater ability to heal and raise its own Maximum HP.

The Glutton has themes of self-inflicted damage, exhausting cards, self-inflicted debuffs, as well as using gold as a resource in combat.

The Sage

A mechanic who studied about the cult of a blue bird. She learned flying a carpet and brewing potions in order to stop its rise.

Main Themes of this character are the ability to fly (almost like Byrds do, just on a carpet) and the ability to brew potions over time. Also adds potions, relics and an event to the game. Can be played in ENG and DEU because this is made by two Germans.


Adds Yuri into the game, featuring 50+ new cards, 8 relics and a few nasty surprises. May contain disturbing content, which can be turned off in the settings.

The Slimebound

Adds a new playable enemy character: The Slimebound.

The Slimebound adds over 90 cards (not all in its card pool), 8 new character-specific Relics, 1 new Potion, and has a couple secrets to discover. As a slime monster, split into smaller slimes with their own attacks, goop down enemies with a Slimed mechanic, keep enemies debuffed with Licks, and more.

The Slimebound attempts to stay within the bounds of vanilla STS character design while still pushing new mechanics.

The Jester

The Jester adds a new character with a starter relic who uses all cards in the game, including those from other mods you may have installed. A good character when you want a little chaos, chaos.

The Clockwork

ClockworkMod adds a new character for Slay The Spire, The Clockwork. The completed version will have 81 cards and 13 relics.

The Clockwork is a curious being, obsessed with upgrading its own body in any manner that it can. It is a being of momentum, starting weak, but gaining power over the course of a fight, and over the course of its ascent of the Spire. The Clockwork possesses a number of cards that permanently improve its ability to fight, if you can find the time in combat to safely do so.

The Clockwork has themes of making its own cards during combat (temporarily or permanently), drawing cards, giving itself breathing room to setup, as well as permanently acquiring relics during combat.

The Perplexing (Playable Snecko)

Adds a playable Snecko to the game, who must contend with random cards AND random costs, but can manipulate the randomness to lean it into the Snecko's favor.

DISCLAIMER - This is a one-day meme mod. If anyone is interested in continuing it, I leave it open.

The Administrix

The Administrix, the lich princess of the rising sun, is inspired by Toyosatomimi no Miko (豊聡耳 神子), a character from the Touhou Project series. Her design goals focus on consistency and coherency, with decently reliable representation and support for multiple interwoven deck archetypes. Themes include duality, synergy, and deck manipulation: key mechanics include cards with effects on both drawing and discarding them, Artifact to grasp onto transient power or brush off toxic side-effects, and a manipulable duo of card fuel in Yin and Yang.

Currently has 70/80 cards, 4/10 relics, and 1/2 potions completed.


Replay The Spire

Infinite Spire

A mod for Slay the Spire that adds the ability to climb forever and adds a perk tree.


A content expansion mod that adds new cards, curses, relics, events, and bosses.


A mod that contains relics, monsters, cards, and a new character. (The Blakk Knight.)


This mod adds new monsters, elites, bosses and events to the game, as well as new cards for the 3 standard classes, and new relics and potions.

Spike's Relics

A small pack of 12~ relics, a few colorless cards, and a few curses.

Custom Cards


Adds the Random Nob Generator as a Boss Relic. Gain 2 Energy at the start of every combat but 30% of the time a Gremlin Nob will appear.

Strawberry Spire

Some extra content to play around with. Mostly a vanilla+ mod, but can fit anywhere.

Jedi Mod

New cards, relics, potions and events.

Rat Mod

New cards and mechanics.


A mod containing any small mod made by its author. Contains relics and events currently.


Replaces a number of Defect's attack cards with Claw variations which scale any 'Claw' card. For example instead of having 'Cold Snap' there is 'Claw Snap'.

Gremlin's Dice

Replaces the starting relic with the Gremlin's Dice. A six sided dice which is rolled at the end of each combat and invokes a random effect.

Energized Spire

This is a content mod for Slay the Spire that adds a lot of new Energy relics to the boss relic pool! Every single relic added by this mod adds 1 Energy at the start of your turn and has a negative effect similar to how base game Energy relics work. Currently there are 8 new relics developed: 1 for each base character, and 5 relics for all characters. More relics will be added continually.


Beta Mode

This mod makes the game run in the beta configuration so you don't have to uninstall/reinstall to switch between beta and release configuration.

Colored Map

This mod allows you to configure the color of the map icons and their outline colors.

Always Whale

Removes the prerequisite for getting Neow's Blessing, allowing you to restart runs more easily.


Adds option to get rewards based on score to Neow


A simple mod that exports all cards and enemies, including those added by other mods. The export is in HTML format and includes rendered card images.


Speeds up the game while leaving animations pretty


Adds more Nicolas Cage to the game


Adds the Fetch keyword. Fetch represents choosing a card from one of your piles and placing it into your hand.

Shop Mod

Modifies the merchant's shop, allowing you to buy more items.

Mimic Mod

Adds Mimics!

Relic Sorter

Allows you to right click a relic to move it to the front of the list.

Relic Relevance (Reorder)

Orders relics from most relevant (e.g. countdown relics) to irrelevant (e.g. all charges used). It groups relics by when they activate (on card use, on card exhaust, on combat end, etc) and then orders the groups from most activated to those that don't activate anymore (e.g. War Paint activates only once, on pickup).


Adds additional levels of ascension to Slay The Spire.


Adds negative levels of ascension to Slay The Spire, as well as a new custom modifier called "Blightless" that makes you immune to blights. Not yet compatible with Ascension Plus.

Googly Eyes

A cosmetic mod.

Default Mod Base

A default "clean and over-commented" slate for starting a mod. All you have to do is rename! Mostly recommended for beginners to modding to go through alongside the wiki if code from other mods is too complicated to understand. Add 1 character (the Default) with a minimal functioning set of cards (1 of each type and rarity), a relic, custom animations, etc.


Makes every ? Room a Neow Room because why not.

Highlight Path

Allows you to right click on the map to highlight the hovered room.


Slay the Streamer

An extension for Twitch Integration. Converts the base game to 'Slay the Streamer', a mode where the streamer gets a sealed deck to start, and chat plays the role of the enemy and tries to actively make the deck worse to cause the streamer to lose. Features voting on Neow, voting on the Act Boss, monsters are named after chat, and chat monsters can speak through the game when alive.

Outdated Mods

Mods that are no longer maintained and no longer work.

Lotus Cards

A mod for Slay the Spire which adds a new "Lotus Mark" archetype for The Silent.

Black Mage

A character based on the Final Fantasy XIV Black Mage, for now there are not many cards, but it is planned for there to be plenty of cards to choose from, custom ? events and some unique mechanics.

Hybrid Character

Hex Cores

Custom Climb

Custom Climb for Slay the Spire adds a new gameplay mode that lets you pick and choose your daily run modifiers.


Synergy Relic

Adds a relic (Bonsai Tree) to the game that offers synergistic cards at card reward screens. By clicking on the small tree in the menu, you can configure whether to start with this relic. (Currently does not include cards for The Defect, or any cards released after March 15th.)

External Tools (not Mods)

StS Card Images Creator

This is a java tool for the Modders to automatically cut the images into Slay the Spire cards.

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