Profile Django views with management command using cProfile, LineProfiler
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Profiling django view functions

The default profiler is cPython.

Profiling is done via management command.

TODO: Currently class-based views are not supported


Download and run
python install

For flexibility, it's a good practice to use module for local settings.

Register app in your



Set up the following options according to your project:

# In case you use OneToOne with # you need to specify it explicitly. # If this option is not set, django.contrib.auth.models.User # is used by default PROFILER_USER_MODEL = 'yourapp.models.User' PROFILER_LIMIT = 30 # by default output first 30 stats cProfile results PROFILER_QUERIES_LIMIT = 3 # output by default 3 slowest queries


NOTE: If your view is decorated, LineProfiler will output stats for the top decorator, so it's recomended temporarily disable decorators if you want to profile your view with LineProfiler

Assuming you have a view function named user_details(request, translator_id) in the app account:

./ profile_view --prefix=account.views user_details:7 --profiler=cProfile,LineProfiler

Here 7 is an argument to user_details function.

For help:

./ help profile_view

If you want to use LineProfiler, install it:

pip install line_profiler

If you want to store contents in a file:

yes y | ./ profile_view --prefix=account.views user_details:7 --profiler=cProfile,LineProfiler > user_details_7_profiling_results.txt