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2 parents 6dbd275 + c685750 commit 94e362e6ba0c6c9881fec0e4b7d14a590a362603 @bmcdorman bmcdorman committed Mar 19, 2012
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  1. +2 −0 filesystem/ext2/files/cbc_boot
2 filesystem/ext2/files/cbc_boot
@@ -20,6 +20,8 @@ fi
mkdir -p $EXTUSB
# make sure a full reflash is possible with the CBC_interface on the root
# of a usb drive and check for browser upgrades on the external usb
+sleep 5s # Wait for linux to make drives available
for dev in sdb sdc sdd;
# mount and look for a CBC_interface file on it's root

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