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; $Id: 6119.inf,v 2006/12/05 08:33:25 danielru Exp $
[Version] ; Version section
Signature="$Chicago$" ; All Windows versions
Class=Ports ; This is a serial port driver
ClassGuid={4D36E978-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} ; Associated GUID
Provider=%KIPR% ; Driver is provided by ATMEL
DriverVer=09/12/2006, ; Driver version published on 23 February 2007
[DestinationDirs] ; DestinationDirs section
DefaultDestDir=12 ; Default install directory is \drivers or \IOSubSys
[Manufacturer] ; Manufacturer section
%KIPR%=KIPRMfg,ntamd64 ; Only one manufacturer (ATMEL), models section is named
; AtmelMfg
[KIPRMfg] ; Models section corresponding to ATMEL
%USBtoSerialConverter%=USBtoSer.Install,USB\VID_03EB&PID_6119 ; Identifies a device with ATMEL Vendor ID (03EBh) and
; Product ID equal to 6119h. Corresponding Install section
; is named USBtoSer.Install
[USBtoSer.Install] ; Install section
AddReg=USBtoSer.AddReg ; Registry keys to add are listed in USBtoSer.AddReg
[USBtoSer.AddReg] ; AddReg section
HKR,,DevLoader,,*ntkern ;
[USBtoSer.Install.Services] ; Services section
AddService=usbser,0x00000002,USBtoSer.AddService ; Assign usbser as the PnP driver for the device
[USBtoSer.AddService] ; Service install section
DisplayName=%USBSer% ; Name of the serial driver
ServiceType=1 ; Service kernel driver
StartType=3 ; Driver is started by the PnP manager
ErrorControl=1 ; Warn about errors
ServiceBinary=%12%\usbser.sys ; Driver filename
[Strings] ; Strings section
KIPR="Kiss Institute for Practical Robotics" ; String value for the ATMEL symbol
USBtoSerialConverter="CBC Serial" ; String value for the USBtoSerialConverter symbol
USBSer="USB Serial Driver" ; String value for the USBSer symbol