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Cmake 2.8.12 #32

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While I admire the fact that kipr is keeping up with the times, is there a do-or-die need for such a new version? The only distro that I know of that supports 2.8.12 OTB is Fedora 19. All ubuntu and debian distros, along with their respective derivatives such as eOS and Crunchbang require updating a semi-important package that sometimes should be left alone. Is something like 2.8.12 necessary?

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2.8.12 is necessary for Qt5 and CMake/Qt automoc AFAIK. It may be possible to remove automoc and roll back a few build versions, but it'll probably still be 2.8.10+. Nafis is the current developer/maintainer. Any input @nzrock95?

We've had some other linux users voice similar complaints... Since we don't provide official linux binaries (not KIPR's primary market), it'd be nice to ease the build procedure.

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Yeah, CMake 2.8.12 may have been a little overkill. I didn't think much of it because it was really easy to build, but it still isn't the most convenient.

CMake 2.8.9 is recommended for Qt 5, but 2.8.3+ should work. I think we'll still get automoc in 2.8.6+, so if 2.8.6 is the preferred version, let's roll back to it.

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