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module mot_pwm(
input wire clk,
input wire [PWM_PRECISION_WIDTH-1:0] duty_cycle,
output wire pwm_output
parameter PWM_PRECISION_WIDTH = 12;
reg [PWM_PRECISION_WIDTH-1:0] duty_cycle_reg, temp_reg, old_dc;
reg [PWM_PRECISION_WIDTH-1:0] pwm_count;
reg new_duty_cycle;
reg pwm_state;
reg got_new_dc;
// synchronize changes to local register if d/c changes
always @ (posedge clk) begin
if (~|pwm_count) begin
duty_cycle_reg <= duty_cycle; // only update when pwm_count is at 0 state
end else begin
duty_cycle_reg <= duty_cycle_reg;
// now PWM
always @(posedge clk) begin
pwm_count <= pwm_count + 1;
if( &duty_cycle_reg ) begin
pwm_state <= 1'b1; // if duty cycle is 100%, don't glitch
end else if( duty_cycle_reg > pwm_count ) begin
pwm_state <= 1'b1;
end else begin
pwm_state <= 1'b0;
end // always @ (posedge clk or posedge reset)
assign pwm_output = pwm_state;
endmodule // mot_pwm
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