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A ninja playing guitar on a guitar pick


HTML5 Guitar Chord Identifier/Player

There are two parts to this:

  1. Chord Player: This is an interative app where you can click on the frets of the guitar to hear what that chord would sound like, and to see the possible names for that chord. Live preview:
  2. Chord Namer: Much simpler app, which lets you select the notes in a chord, and optionally provide the bass and/or root note of the chord, and it returns the possible names for the chord. Live preview:


  • The app works very poorly in mobile at the moment. I don't have much interest in improving this, although I'd welcome contributions if anyone has that area of expertise.
  • The chord names for chords you would ever actually use are pretty decent, but if you throw garbage at it you will get some weird results.


The audio recordings are my own. Produced on a Breedlove Stage Series concert acoustic guitar. Pitches below B1 and above A5 are produced by pitch-shifting other recordings. If you use them anywhere else, please respect the license and give me credit--it was a lot of tedious work to generate these.