Real-time temperature monitor powered by Beaglebone Black + TMP75.
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BeagleBone Black Temperature Monitor

Real-time temperature monitor powered by Beaglebone Black + TMP75, providing interactive front-end.

Tech Stack

  • Node.js (Recommend to use latest version)
  • React (for front-end)
  • express (for back-end)
  • honoka (fetch() polyfill)
  • ant design
  • echarts


TMP75 uses i2c protocol to send temperature data. In BeagleBone's Debian system, we can run i2cdetect -y -r 1 to obtain the address of TMP75; and when we run i2cget -y -f 1 0xyy (yy is the address you get from i2cdetect), it will returns a hex which is the temperature. We can integrate these operations into a web-server so that we can get data / send requests from browser front-end.


You should have your TMP75 connected correctly to your BeagleBone Black. For example:

  • TMP75 V33 to BBB DC3.3V (P9_03)
  • TMP75 GND to BBB GND (P9_01)
  • TMP75 SCL to BBB SCL(P9_19, do not connect to 17 which is not occupied:) )
  • TMP75 SDA to BBB SDA(P9_20, do not connect to 18 which is not occupied:) )
  • TMP75 I/O to BBB GPIO(whichever has not been occupied is OK)

Then clone this repository to your BeagleBone Black and install dependencies:

$ git clone
$ cd beaglebone-tempature-monitor
$ npm install

Modify your config file. Note that app can detect your i2c address automatically, but you should specify the GPIO port):

nano config.js

Then run:

$ npm start
# or: $ node index.js

Open your browser (default port is 2333):




This project is my tutorial experiment in XMU. It is MIT licensed.