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These are the source files for my personal website. I write here about things I'm thinking, learning, doing, and reading. Topics vary pretty wildly, but the main ones on my mind lately are

  • tech and how the industry can be a force for good instead of evil
  • spirituality and what role religion can have in the pursuit of spiritual growth
  • what it means to do good and live well, especially through the lens of effective altruism

About the website

My website is built with morphy, a simple static site generator I made, and served by netlify via this github repo. If you spot a typo or other problem you can make an issue here. I use the normalize.css stylesheet to try to make my css behave predictably, but otherwise all the css on the website is hand-rolled and intentionally minimalist by me. I have a style guide for reference, with a sampling of all the elements found on the website. The styles and the idea for a style guide where I can see how everything looks in one place are inspired by a great designer I've had the pleasure of working with, Benjy Stanton.

About Me

I write software for a living, mostly in Clojure, and spend most of my time in Montreal, Canada. I work from home and love travelling when possible. I often spend many months of the year in other places. I love warm weather, but have only Canadian citizenship so I'm perpetually seeking sunny destinations that are safe, welcoming, and affordable.


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