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Cookiecutter Django Webpack (Beta)

Update: Now ships with Django-Jet as default admin interface.


Create production ready django projects with webpack easily.

Basic Webpack Configuration works. Cookiecutter Django Webpack ships with bootstrap "4.3.1".

Do not Mail me for Issues please raise an issue in the GitHub Issues Section.


Note: Use a Virtual Env to setup your projects.

  • Installation
    $ cookiecutter
  • Use default for setup options.
  • Enter the project directory where package.json file is
    $ cd project_slug/
  • Install Node Dependencies
    $ npm install
  • Run Webpack in Dev Environment with live compilation of your static files
    $ npm run watch
  • In a separate terminal, run the django sever
    $ python runserver_plus

TODO List:

  • Seamless Docker-Compose/Docker Integration for Django + Webpack
  • Abstracting Webpack Builds and adding conditional operations with respect to Gulp/Docker..etc.
  • Supporting 100% Coverage & Tests
  • Make Documentation

Thanks to:

Powered by Cookiecutter Django, Cookiecutter Django Webpack is a framework for jumpstarting production-ready Django projects quickly.

For More info: -