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Convert Sketch components to Android Views.

Base project of Sketch to View generator plugin.


Sketch To View GIF


Step1: Add the plugin

  1. Download and unzip the plugin.
  2. Open sketch and navigate to Plugins -> Manage Plugins -> Open Plugins Folder
  3. Copy the unzipped plugin to Plugins folder.
  4. Now you should be able to Sketch To View option in plugins.

Step2: Generating Views

  1. Select any group or layer and type ctrl+shift+g and the android view gets automatically copied to your clipboard.


  1. LinearLayouts with gradient, stroke, corner radius support.
  2. Cicular shapes with gradient, stroke, corner radius support.
  3. TextView
  4. ImageView

Development Guide

NOTE : Please make sure you have yarn :: Installing yarn

  • Initial setup
$ yarn install
  • Build plugin
$ yarn build
  • To watch for changes
$ yarn watch


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