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edX: Learning From Data Solutions

Working implementations for each week's assignment in a variety of programming languages. Solutions are posted each week shortly after the due date. Please report any issues through the issue tracker.

Want To Contribute?

Pull requests are preferred. However, if you aren't familar with git, you can post your code in a solutions thread in the edX discussion form.


Please direct any implementation questions to the edX discussion forums.


  • kirbs- (Python)
  • henryf (PHP)
  • kusimari (Scala)
  • BartoszKP (Python)
  • danielfmt (Octave)
  • Xelio (Javascript)
  • Rodic (OCaml)
  • davluangu (MATLAB)
  • bast0079 (Java)
  • fredParis (R)
  • PedroCV (MATLAB)
  • FranckDernoncourt (Python)
  • sanealytics (R)
  • akashsadashivapeth (MATLAB)
  • SamLau (Octave)
  • stochastictinker (C#)
  • AnantSogani (R)
  • Victoras (C++)
  • fedelebron (Haskell)
  • Legendre (Mathmatica)
  • danimauri (Python)
  • Mark_B2 (Python)
  • kanhua (MATLAB)