nodejs script to run input data through checks, which fire alerts through transports (sms, email, etc).
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Action-Stations is a nodejs script that continually does the following:

inputs --->			checks --->			alerts ---> 			transports ---> 		you
get input data 		run data 			if checks are 			send that alert using
					through checks		met, create alert 		a transport

I planned to use it to monitor StatsD/Graphite statistics and send alerts if various metrics were unexpected, but then I discovered and became somewhat... discouraged... from completing this. I'm putting it here so there is at least a record, in the event that I or someone else needs it.

To run: make a copy of example-config.js. Modify it to suit your needs, and then run:

node your-copy-of-example.js

Verbose logging is turned on so you should see a ton of output.