Component entity system, probably for game development.
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Pocket CES

Pocket is basically a component entity system used as a test bed for my JSConf EU 2014 talk, Developing Games Using Data not Trees.

It has three concepts:

  • Component Types (Definitions)
  • Keys (ids)
  • Systems

The asteroids example is relatively complete. For more details, see the slides from the talk:

You can run the asteroids example yourself by:

  • clone this repo
  • git checkout jsconfeu
  • npm install
  • npm run demos

And then visiting http://localhost:PORT/demos/asteroids/index.html (PORT is given in the console output).

And if you want to run the "finished" example as seen at the end of the JSConf EU 2014 talk:

  • git checkout jsconfeu-reworked

And refresh!