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Timeline Jekyll Theme

Timeline is multipurpose, single page Jekyll theme that includes a timeline section.

Example sites:

This theme is a mashup of two other themes:

Big thanks to the creators of Grayscale and Agency. This theme would not be possible without their hard work.

How to Use

Timeline works in a similar fashion as a Jekyll blog site with two differences:

  1. Pages are displayed as sections within the single HTML web page.
  2. Posts are displayed as timeline entries.

Creating a Section

To add a section, create a new .html file such as about.html. This will add the section to the navigation menu and display the section as part of the single page HTML. The file should include the following YAML front matter:

  • layout It's value should always be null.
  • title This is the text displayed in the navigation menu.
  • section-type This identifies the section type, or layout for the section. The possible values are:
    • default
    • contact
    • timeline

Use the section-type default when you want to display the content in a regular section.

Use the section-type contact to display a contact section. A contact section can optionally contain an email address and a list of social networks that are display below the content. See contact.html for an example of setting the email address and social networks.

Use the section-type timeline to display a timeline of entries.

More About Timelines

A timeline is a list of post sorted by date. To create a new timeline entry, add a new post to the _posts directory. The post should have the following YAML front matter properties:

  • layout It's value should always be null.
  • title This is the header text for the career entry.
  • subtitle (Optional) This is the sub-header text for the career entry.
  • image (Optional) This is a reference to the thumbnail image displayed with the career entry. If blank or not present, then defined in the _config.yml is used.

Example timeline post front matter:

layout: null
title: 2014
image: "img/timeline/2014.png"


Code released under the Apache 2.0 license.

Portions copyrighted by

Copyright 2013-2015 Iron Summit Media Strategies, LLC.
Copyright 2014 Rick Kim (y7kim).
Copyright 2015 Kirby Turner


A multipurpose, single page Jekyll theme.







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