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Razzle Material-UI Styled Example

Node.js        Yarn        Razzle        Express

React        Styled Components        Material-UI

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  • Razzle
    • Server Side Rendering
    • Hot Module Replacement for both client and server side ReactReact components
    • Up to date JavaScript (ECMAScript 6 (2015)) support
    • Single route static site generation
  • Express server with gzip compression

Getting Started

  • Initial steps
    • Install Node.js and Yarn.
    • Download or clone this repository.
    • Open a command prompt in the project folder.

Install dependencies:

yarn install

Start the server:

yarn start

This command initiates a build process and starts the server in production mode.

Visit http://localhost/ to access the web application.


Start the server in development mode:

yarn dev

Single route static site generation

Generate a static site:

yarn static

Open the index.html within the static folder to access the web application. The folder name can be modified with the RAZZLE_STATIC_PATH environment variable.

Idea behind the example

This project is based on the basic razzle example. This repository also satisfies the following 2 entry points requred by Razzle:

  • src/index.js for the server
  • src/client.js for the browser