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Miscellaneous Infoblox Utilities

This repository contains utilities for integrating Infoblox Trinzic DDI applicances with other systems.

Code found here should be considered work-in-progress and may not work as you expect, and you should always test carefully before any production use.

N.B.: If it breaks, you get to keep both pieces.


  • - Build BIND/NSD configuration files based on Infoblox configuration.


This program creates BIND and/or NSD configuration files for secondary name servers. The configuration file is in YAML format and may be specified for a single (infoblox2nsconf-single.yaml) or multiple (infoblox2nsconf-multiple.yaml) nameservers in one file.

The resulting configuration file will include all active zones with hostname as non-stealth primary/secondary name server, as well as all zones with any listed name server group.

Communication with Infoblox is implemented using the RESTful Web API (WAPI) availible in NIOS version 6.6 and later. An older version using the legacy Data and Management API can be found in branch DMAPI, but is no longer maintained.