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add ripd binaries

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BastienDurel committed Jan 4, 2013
1 parent 217df17 commit 6dd528a575fa219547844d2f197bc08def5d2805
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@@ -225,6 +225,8 @@ COPY ${DESTDIR}/usr/sbin/ndp usr/sbin/ndp
COPY ${DESTDIR}/usr/sbin/ntpd usr/sbin/ntpd
COPY ${DESTDIR}/usr/sbin/ospfd usr/sbin/ospfd
COPY ${DESTDIR}/usr/sbin/ospfctl usr/sbin/ospfctl
+COPY ${DESTDIR}/usr/sbin/ripd usr/sbin/ripd
+COPY ${DESTDIR}/usr/sbin/ripctl usr/sbin/ripctl
#COPY ${DESTDIR}/usr/sbin/portmap usr/sbin/portmap
COPY ${DESTDIR}/usr/sbin/ppp usr/sbin/ppp
COPY ${DESTDIR}/usr/sbin/pppctl usr/sbin/pppctl

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