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Detexify (Frontend)

LaTeX symbol classifier as a webservice. This is the frontend. Uses as the backend.


  • Install Ruby 2.1.2 and Bundler
  • $ bundle
  • $ bundle exec dotenv middleman

Production setup

This runs the frontend locally using the production backend. It is configured via environment variables. To setup the backend locally see


Check if all symbols are compiling: $ rspec spec


reminder for myself source ~/.aws

Adding symbols

You need Latex installed!

Symbols are configured in lib/latex/symbols.yml.

  1. Add the symbol
  2. run the tests $ rspec spec
  3. Create a Pull-Request

For me:

  1. generate the symbol sprite $ bundle exec rake symbols:sprite
  2. Redeploy git push heroku master

Populate the backend

$ bundle exec dotenv rake populate (uses TRAINCOUCH to populate CLASSIFIER - see .env for defaults)


Copyright (c) 2009 Daniel Kirsch, released under the MIT license, see MIT-LICENSE