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Detexify (Frontend)

LaTeX symbol classifier as a webservice. This is the frontend. Uses as the backend.


  • Install Ruby 2.1.2 and Bundler
  • $ bundle
  • $ bundle exec dotenv middleman

Production setup

  • $ bundle exec middleman build
  • $ bundle exec dotenv rackup
  • open http://localhost:9292

This runs the frontend locally using the production backend. It is configured via environment variables. To setup the backend locally see


Check if all symbols are compiling: $ rspec spec


reminder for myself source ~/.aws

Adding symbols

You need Latex installed!

Symbols are configured in lib/latex/symbols.yml.

  1. Add the symbol
  2. run the tests $ rspec spec
  3. Create a Pull-Request

For me:

  1. generate the symbol sprite $ bundle exec rake symbols:sprite
  2. Redeploy git push heroku master

Populate the backend

$ bundle exec dotenv rake populate (uses TRAINCOUCH to populate CLASSIFIER - see .env for defaults)


Copyright (c) 2009 Daniel Kirsch, released under the MIT license, see MIT-LICENSE