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Delta Zero Semantic language (d0sl) is based on the theory of semantic modeling, which allows you to set the behavior of complex systems and business processes in the terms of logic.

Here are you can find the examples of usage Delta Zero Semantic language.

  1. Autodrome example shows how to control robocars by defining logical rules
  2. Chess example shows how to teach a robot to arrange the 8 chess queens in such a way they dont take each other.


  1. Install Jetbrains Meta Programming System (MPS)
  2. Clone this repo: git clone
  3. In MPS install d0sl plugin from file (choose load plugin from disk option)

  1. Open the project in MPS by choosing the directory cloned (e.g. examples-d0sl directory)
  2. Rebuild the project

Now you are ready to run examples ChessAII and AutodromeAII. You can do this via context menu.

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