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Sample - Authentication using JWT token and resource owner flow using Angular-6 and ASP.NET Core-2.1

  • open and run "api" using Visual Studio 2017 (or command line dotnet run)
  • run frontend by opening "web" and running npm i && npm start
  • navigate to http://localhost:5555
  • use username: Kirill password: 123

Some highlights

  • This solution uses "RefactorxApiService" as single point for accessing server API, it:
  1. Injects bearer token to each request
  2. Transparently handles 401 with expired tokens to refresh token and retry request
  • The solutions has "RefactorxPermissionGuard" - assign it to routes, and use permission:
  1. '?' - allow only anonymous users
  2. '!' - allow only authenticated users
  3. '*' - allow any user
  • Assign "RefactorxRedirectComponent" to route and array of permission/target pairs, once the route is hit, all pairs will be checked sequentially, target for first passing permission will be used as navigation redirect target
  • Use [refactorxPermission] directive to show hide elements by checking permission, example: [refactorxPermission]="!"
  • RefactorxApiService counts all request/response statuses, and provides "loading" event when there is at least one currently executing requests

Generating private key on the server

  • Generate private key. Use some password. openssl genrsa -des3 -out private.pem 2048
  • Get private key in PEM format openssl rsa -in private.pem -out private_unencrypted.pem -outform PEM
  • read the key cat private_unencrypted.pem
  • paste it to SigningKey.cs