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Flamingo - introduction

Most of Flamingo's components are created as projections. Projections are built from content models and presentation models.

A content model describes the basic elements of a piece of your model realm, how the user interacts with it, and what happens when that interaction happens.

A presentation model describes how to "convert" (or project) that content model into a Swing component that can be added to the application UI hierarchy to present the data backed by that content model and react to the user interaction.

A projection is the act of "combining" a content model and a presentation model and creating a Swing component.

In a nutshell:

  • content model + presentation model → projection
  • projection → one or more Swing components


Let's take a look at these three concepts in action:

Here is how the first button (big icon with "Paste" text underneath) is created:

Command pasteActionCommand = Command.builder()

CommandButtonProjection bigPasteProjection =

AbstractCommandButton bigButton = bigPasteProjection.buildComponent();

First, we create a Command which is a content model. It sets text, extra text and icon factory as the basic elements that describe this piece of application model realm.

Then we construct a CommandButtonPresentationModel which is a presentation model. It specifies that we want to use the BIG presentation state (big icon + one or two lines of text underneath), and non-flat appearance (button background always showing).

Then, we combine them together by calling Command.project(CommandButtonPresentationModel) that gives us a CommandButtonProjection.

And finally, we call CommandButtonProjection.buildComponent() that gives us an AbstractCommandButton - a Swing component that can be added to the component hierarchy of our application.


Continue to a more detailed sample walkthrough.

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