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Flamingo - advanced components for modern Swing applications

Breadcrumb bar

BreadcrumbBar facilitates quick navigation of multi-level hierarchies, such as file systems or XML documents. This functionality is commonly found in many web sites and is the main navigation tool in the Windows Explorer application.

The core library provides helper classes to expose a variety of navigation sources as breadcrumb bars, such as local and remote file systems, SVN repositories and tree models.

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Command buttons

The JCommandButton and JCommandToggleButton provide a broad spectrum of functionality expected from modern UI button components. A short list of features available in Flamingo command buttons includes:

  • Dynamic resizing, including scaling icons and text flow.
  • Support for popup buttons and split buttons.
  • Richer popup contents.
  • Auto-repeat mode for invoking the associated actions as long as the button is pressed.
  • Action-on-rollover mode for invoking the associated actions (one-time or auto-repeat) on rollover.

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Command button strips and panels

JCommandButtonStrip allows hosting a number of command buttons in a single row or column, providing continuous visuals for the buttons.

JCommandButtonPanel allows hosting a number of command buttons in either row-fill or column-fill grid. Notable features include:

  • Button grouping with associated titles
  • Single selection mode when hosting toggle command buttons
  • Central change of icon size for all hosted buttons

AbstractFileViewPanel extends the JCommandButtonPanel functionality, targetting file browser applications. Notable additional features include:

  • Filtering for visibility
  • Progress tracking and load cancellation
  • API integration with the breadcrumb bar component


JRibbon provides the functionality of Microsoft Office Command Bar (formerly know as ribbon). A short list of features includes:

  • Ribbon tasks and ribbon task bands.
  • In-ribbon galleries.
  • Contextual ribbon task groups.
  • Taskbar components.
  • Dynamic adaptive resizing.

Want to learn more? Browse the org.pushingpixels.flamingo.api.ribbon package.