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Apollo - editing Substance color scheme lists

Apollo is a visual editor for creating and editing files that serve as color scheme lists.

The SubstanceSkin.getColorSchemes() API can be used to load the resulting file at runtime and to fetch the matching color scheme for creating the relevant skin visuals.

Apollo has two panels - edit panel on the left and input image on the right.

To load a local image, drag it onto the right panel. Use mouse to drag the image around and zoom with the mouse wheel.

To add a new color scheme, use the + button in the top left panel, and provide a unique name for that color scheme. Once this step is done, the edit panel shows a list of radio buttons with all relevant color scheme colors.

Check one of the radio buttons on the left, and then click any part of the image on the right to use that color as the matching part of the color scheme. Use the HSV panel at the bottom to check visual consistency of the overall color scheme that you are editing.

Add as many color schemes as needed. Use the other control buttons to remove or rename existing color schemes, or to change their overall order.

When you're done, click the Save or Save As button in the bottom left.

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