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Boundless Checkout React Component

Checkout React Component for Boundless Commerce.

About Boundless Commerce

API’s First Headless E-commerce CMS: We Provide An Admin-Side For Store Management, Powerful API, And Ready-To-Use Checkout Area.

Self-Hosted solution

There is an option for Running Boundless-Commerce on your own server. Read more at Open-Source Headless eCommerce Platform


Besides the checkout component the API client should be installed:

yarn add boundless-api-client boundless-checkout-react

Or via NPM:

npm install boundless-api-client boundless-checkout-react --save

Getting Started

  1. Create client:
import {BoundlessClient} from 'boundless-api-client';
const apiClient = new BoundlessClient('<YOUR PERMANENT TOKEN>');
apiClient.setInstanceId('<YOUR INSTANCE ID>');
  1. Add component to the checkout page:
import {startCheckout, StarterWrapper} from 'boundless-checkout-react';

const starter = startCheckout(document.querySelector('.some-el'), {
	api: apiClient,
	onHide: () => console.log('on hide'),
	onThankYouPage: (data) =>  console.log('on thank you page', data),
	basename: '/shop/checkout',
	cartId: 'uid',
	logoSrc: 'https://domain/logo.png',
	logoText: 'My Logo'

Props api, onHide, onThankYouPage - are required, others are optional.

basename - Start url for the checkout. If checkout located at /checkout, then basename: '/checkout'.

  1. Need more example? Look at: Checkout page at Next.js

Development process

  1. Copy & adjust .env.example => .env
  2. yarn dev - starts dev server at http://localhost:8080
  3. Real component usage can be tested locally via yarn link or manually creation symbolic link in node_modules.

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