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PanMK, version 0.1a, 05 Apr 2019

PanMK completely automates the process of compiling with pandoc.
Given the source files for a document, panmk issues the appropriate 
sequence of commands to generate the desired output document, 
PanMK can also be set to run continuously with a previewer; pandoc
is rerun whenever the source file is modified.

Please read the man page (or the corresponding text or postscript
file) for details of what panmk does and what all the features are.
A copy of the fast help that can be seen by doing "panmk -h" is at
the end of this file.

PanMK is a Python script.  It is licensed under the GNU General Public
License v. 2.

It written by Roger Fu (@kiritofeng), and heavily based on "latexmk",
which in turn was modified by Evan McLean from the original script
called "go" written by David J. Musliner. LatexMk is currently
supported by John Collins.


1) See the INSTALL file for installation instructions

2) Portability under non-UNIX systems:
   Under other operating systems some other arrangement needs to be made
   to run the file.  For example under MS-Windows, the supplied batch file
   panmk.bat will do this.

   You may also find it necessary to convert files to the correct
   local format for text files.  As downloaded, the files are in UNIX
   format (line-ending is '\n').  On MS-Windows systems, the
   conversion to MSDOS format (with line-ending '\r\n') is normally
   unnecessary, since much current software handles the UNIX format

3) Portability:  The various commands to process various files made need to
   be changed for particular installations.  See the INSTALL file and the
   documentation for information on customization.  

4) Portability: Users of different UNIX-like systems may have to change
   the "$pscmd" variable in their RC file if the -pvc option is to work
   perfectly.  Refer to $pscmd in the man page.

Roger Fu
---------------------------- "panmk -h" ----------------------------

usage: panmk [-h] [--cd | --no-cd] [-e <code>] [-g | -g-]
             [--new-viewer | --no-new-viewer] [--norc] [-p | -pc | -pv | -pvc]
             [--rc RC] [-v] -o OUTPUT

PanMK 0.1a: Automatic pandoc compiler routine

positional arguments:
  filename              the root filename of the document(s) to compile

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --cd                  Change to directory of source file when processing it
  --no-cd               Do NOT change to directory of source file when
                        processing it
  -e <code>             Execute specified Python code (as part of panmk start-
                        up code)
  -g                    process regardless of file timestamps
  -g-                   Turn off -g
  --new-viewer          in -pvc mode, always start a new viewer
  --no-new-viewer       in -pvc mode, start a new viewer only if needed
  --norc                omit automatic reading of system, user, and project rc
  -p                    compile document.
  -pc                   continuously compile document.
  -pv                   preview document.
  -pvc                  preview document and continuously update.
  --rc RC               Read custom RC file
  -v, --version         show program's version number and exit
  -o OUTPUT, --output OUTPUT
                        The name of the output file.{filename} will
                        automatically be replaced with the input file's base

-p, -pv, pc, and -pvc are mutually exclusive
-pv and -pvc require one and only one filename specified
In addition, panmk passes all unrecognized options to pandoc.

Report bugs etc to @kiritofeng on Github:


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