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import nltk.collocations
import nltk.corpus
import collections
from nltk.collocations import *
from nltk import bigrams
import nltk, re, os, csv
# Quran subset
#filename = raw_input('Enter name of file to convert to ARFF with extension, eg. name.txt: ')
file = open('combine.txt', 'r')
stripped = re.sub(r'<[^<]*?>', '',
# punctuation and numbers to be removed
punctuation = re.compile(r'[-.?!,":;()|0-9]')
# create list of lower case words
word_list = re.split('\s+', stripped.lower())
print 'Words in text:', len(word_list)
words = (punctuation.sub("", word).strip() for word in word_list)
words = (word for word in words if word not in nltk.corpus.stopwords.words('english'))
bgm = nltk.collocations.BigramAssocMeasures()
finder = nltk.collocations.BigramCollocationFinder.from_words(words)
finder.nbest(bgm.pmi, 10)
scored = finder.score_ngrams(bgm.likelihood_ratio)
print scored
# Group bigrams by first word in bigram.
prefix_keys = collections.defaultdict(list)
for key, scores in scored:
prefix_keys[key[0]].append((key[1], scores))
print prefix_keys[0]
# Sort keyed bigrams by strongest association.
for key in prefix_keys:
prefix_keys[key].sort(key = lambda x: -x[1])
print prefix_keys[0]
ofile = open('bigrams.csv', 'wb')
mycsv = csv.writer(ofile)
for key in prefix_keys:
row = [key, str(prefix_keys[key])]