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Allows you to import keyboard layouts into blender and render them in 3d
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Allows you to import keyboard layouts into blender and render them in 3d


Example 1

Courtesy of /u/jacopods


Example 2

Courtesy of /u/zzubnik


Example 3

Courtesy of /u/zzubnik


Example 4

Courtesy of @kirpal

Please open a pull request if you'd like to add more examples

How to install Addon:

  1. Download the zip (releases)
  2. Open Blender
  3. Go to File > User Preferences (Ctrl + Alt + U)
  4. Select the "Add-ons" tab.
  5. Click Install from File... at the bottom of the panel
  6. Select the zip archive that you downloaded and click Install from File… at the top right
  7. Check the checkbox next to Import-Export: Import: KLE Raw JSON format (.json)
  8. Click Save User Settings and close the preferences window
  9. Now the addon is ready to use

How to use Addon:

  1. Open Blender
  2. Go to File > Import > KLE Raw Data (.json)
  3. Select the “keyboard-layout.json” that you downloaded from Keyboard Layout Editor and click Import KLE Raw JSON at the top right
  4. All Done!

How to add LEDs:

  • Add the following line to the object at the beginning (the one with "backcolor" in it):

    "led" : [RED, GREEN, BLUE, BRIGHTNESS] (you may need to add a comma to the line above)

    • RED, GREEN, and BLUE are out of 255, and BRIGHTNESS is from 0 to 1
  • To make the keycap legends backlit, make the legend color the same as whatever color you made the LEDs

Blender scene file

A basic scene for blender can be found in this gist. Open the scene in blender before importing. Please note that lighting, camera and render setup will most probably require some tweaking to fit with your specific layout.

Special Thanks To:

@zslane on Deskthority for the SA models

@Kaporkle on Geekhack for the DSA models

@wilderjds for implementing SA support


  • Add support for ISO enter
  • Add key labels
  • Add more key profiles (DSA, SA and DCS are done)
  • Add support for fonts (Google Fonts only)
  • Add support for glyphs
  • Add legend alignment
  • Add front legend support
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