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Flâneur is a Jekyll theme for maps and texts using Leaflet, and based on the earlier Boulevardier framework.

View the theme live here.

To use this theme, fork this repo to your GitHub account and follow the setup instructions below.

Update: Flâneur will soon have Leaflet-IIIF functionality to allow the use of IIIF-hosted images in place of map tiles, using pixel corrdinates instead of lat,lng. Thanks to Jack Reed (mejackreed) for getting this started with his Leaflet-IIIF library. You can view the in-progress version in the "flaneur-iiif" branch.

Config file

Site settings: You will want to replace the settings here with the info about your new site.

Styles: You can change the site accent color and font here without editing the CSS. You will still need to replace the Google Font import URL in head.html.

Map settings: Import a map tileset from MapBox, OpenStreetMap, etc. and set the max/min zoom and center point. You also have the option to choose clustered or single map points. Options are grouped or single.

Menu: There are two menu display options, dropdown (default) and circle.


Create posts in the standard format required for Jekyll. The front matter for posts has several important liquid markup points:

  • lat: & lng: add latitude and longitude to pin a post to a point on the map
  • categories: ["category1", "category2"] - these populate the map layers widget and article index pages
  • runningtitle: the running title appears at the top of pages and posts. The default is to display the site title. To activate the post-specific running title, you will need to uncomment line 6 in the post.html layout and comment out line 8:
<!-- <p class="post-header">{{page.runningtitle}}</p> -->
<!-- OR -->
<p class="post-header">{{ site.title }}</p>
  • desc: This is the text for the map marker popup

Images have special formatting using Liquid attributes. The Liquid tags are also needed for the Lightbox feature:

![Image title](images/filename.jpg -or- imageurl)
Image attribution / caption.

Bibliographies also have special formatting using Liquid attributes:

1. Entry 1
2. Entry 2




Documentation on the current indexing feature coming soon...


Documentation of Leaflet config coming soon...

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