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A multiprotocol Perl chatbot for AIM, Yahoo and others.
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Aires Bot

This project is abandoned. It has been re-implemented in Python. See aires.

A multiprotocol Perl chatbot for AIM, Yahoo, XMPP and others. It supports connections to multiple networks ("listeners") and can run multiple bots with distinct brains and personalities, including RiveScript and Eliza.

Listeners and brains are pluggable, and new ones can be added simply by dropping a module in the appropriate folder (or writing one if one doesn't exist).

Note About Third Party Modules

This chatbot is intended to be ready-to-go as soon as it's downloaded. As such, it includes a handful of third party Perl modules that it needs to run well. These include some protocol modules (for AIM and Yahoo, etc.) and some chatbot brains.

All the third party modules are included in the "optlib" directory. These modules may become outdated as time goes on though, so I'd recommend you remove this directory and install the third party modules yourself. If you don't care and just want to run a chatbot, it's probably OK to leave it as it is.

Setting Up

You will require Perl version 5.14 or later to run Aires.

Windows Users:

You can get Perl 5.14 via ActivePerl (recommended)

Alternatively, you can get it via Strawberry Perl,

Everyone Else:

If your operating system doesn't ship with Perl 5.14, you will have to
install it yourself. For the lazy, you can try ActivePerl for Linux and
use that. For everyone else, install `perlbrew` to set up 5.14:

Configuring Your Bots

In the "bots" directory you will find "Sample.json" - open this in a text editor to configure your bot. The config file is well documented.

To set up the list of botmasters (privileged users who are allowed to give admin commands to the bots), edit the file "botmaster.json" in the "conf" directory.

Running The Bots

In a command prompt or terminal window, navigate to where you installed Aires to and run the following command:


If all goes well, your bots should sign on!

For Windows users, the file "win32-cli.bat" may simply be double-clicked on to run the bot.


The AIM listener included in this repo uses Net::OSCAR and is pretty stable and featureful. The YMSG listener however uses a beta quality module that I helped write, Net::IM::YMSG.

Known issues with Net::IM::YMSG is that when the bot receives an add request, the bot won't appear online for the new user until the bot is restarted. Sending and receiving messages and typing notifications, however, works just fine. If the add contact bug is a problem for you, I recommend using the XMPP listener instead, in conjunction with an XMPP server such as Openfire ( and Gateways to sign your bot on to Yahoo via your XMPP server.


This application is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2 (see License.txt). This basically means, this application is open source, if you make any modifications to it and want to release your custom version of the code, you must make YOUR version of the code open source as well. Oh, and don't go and delete all mention of the original author either, that's just not a nice thing to do. :)

This code is copyright (C) 2012 Noah Petherbridge.

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