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ProgramV version 0.09


Program V was originally written by Ernest Lergon and seemingly abandoned in the year 2002 at version 0.08; it was designed for Perl 5.6 and hasn't been able to run, without modification, on any newer versions of Perl since then.

It has been dusted off and fixed up by Noah Petherbridge in 2014 so that it should run without modification on modern Perl (tested on Perl 5.18). See the file for an overview of what changes were necessary to the codebase for this to work. If you're viewing this on GitHub, check the commit history to see what all was changed to get version 0.08 to run on Perl 5.18.

Besides that, just as before, Program V is not being actively maintained by anybody. If my work in getting this to run on Perl 5.18 has inspired you, feel free to fork this project and continue development, as it was released by Ernest Lergon under the same terms as Perl itself.


ProgramV is a Perl implementation of an interpreter for the Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML) defined by the Alicebot and AIML Architecture Committee of the A.L.I.C.E. AI Foundation.

It's based on the ideas of ProgramD - the current Java implementation of AIML - but without javaness.

Many webmasters do not want to run Java on their servers, so ProgramV might be an alternative.

The use of Perl resp. ModPerl enables a smooth integration of an AIML chatbot in the Apache environment. Many of the server functions of ProgramD can be delegated to the Apache core - e.g. authentification, cookie-handling, encryption, logging etc. - so ProgramV can be limited to the core functions of AIML: parsing, matching and responding.


  • Smooth integration in Apache environment
  • Validating AIML parser (picky 1.01 ;-)
  • Very fast startup due to precompiled knowledge
  • Only a few modules / objects
  • Integration of Perl code in AIML
  • Full logging of matching and parsing if desired
  • Runs on Linux as well as on Windows
  • Edit and test your bot local on Windows and run it on your Linux server
  • because all files are interchangeable


  • No filelocking on Windows
  • Only one local user for the shell (console)
  • No realtime learning due to precompiled knowledge
  • You must have root access to install and run
  • No server side javascript yet
  • No server side system commands yet
  • No targeting yet
  • Proprietary data format of user/log files (still...)

This package ships with a modified Alice AIML set and an excerpt of the Standard AIML set for testing.

You can talk to our Alice on Perl at

For server installation please see README.server


Officially "alpha", hence the 0.0x version number, though ProgramV should run as expected. But don't rely on anything ;-)

The package includes a new version of not yet available at CPAN.

This is a facility for creating non-modifiable variables and is useful for configuration files, headers, etc. It can also be useful as a development and debugging tool, for catching updates to variables that should not be changed. Very important in a mod_perl environment, where the knowledge data has to stay shared!

The included module is a workaround. For more information see


Sure. Many.


Make sure you have Perl 5.6+ installed or the unicode support won't work. Perl is available at .

There is no automatic installation provided yet, so just fetch the archive, put it in a subdirectory of your choice, extract it with

gzip -cd programv-0.08.tar.gz | tar xf -	Linux
(use something like WinZip)			Windows

and then enter the following:

cd programv
./	Linux
shell		Windows

This will fail to load the knowledge data but will tell you, which Perl modules must be installed additionally - e.g.


Without changing anything, you can now build the knowledge data by entering

./ -f	Linux
./				Linux

build -f		Windows
build					Windows

The first command builds the small dataset for testing based on


It will issue many warnings about unknown tags, because ProgramV does not support AIML 0.9 tags! Please ignore.

The second command builds the big data set for Alice based on


It will run for 2 or 3 minutes and issue only one warning about a duplicate pattern.

You can run the test suite with

./		Linux
tester			Windows

It uses the testcase.txt from ProgramD expanded by some tests for the Perl functionality. Moreover it creates a detailed log file.

To test the bot manually, just enter

./ -f		Linux
shell -f			Windows

To communicate with Alice, enter

./		Linux
shell			Windows

See below for further information, how to set up your own bot.

For server installation please see README.server

SCRIPT [-d] [-f filename]

The -d switch turns on debugging and extensive logging (slow).

With the -f switch you can provide another config file.

Default: -f

To set up a new bot "mybot" do:

  1. Copy to

  2. Edit so that it reads:

    programv.startup=conf/startup-mybot.xml programv.runfile=data/

  3. Create a new directory aiml/mybot/ and place your aiml files into it.

  4. Copy conf/startup.xml to conf/startup-mybot.xml

  5. Edit conf/startup-mybot.xml so that it reads:


  6. Run ./ -f

  7. Enjoy ./ -f

SCRIPT [-f filename]

This script gives statitistics about your knowledge data.

With the -f switch you can provide another config file (see above).

Default: -f

It is called automatically after is successfull.

SCRIPT [-d] [-f filename]

The -d switch turns on debugging and extensive logging (slow).

With the -f switch you can provide another config file (see above).

Default: -f


This script deletes ./aiml.log, ./testcase.log and ./data/ and runs

./ -d -f < testcase.txt > testcase.log


Ernest Lergon,

Copyright (c) 2002 by Ernest Lergon, VIRTUALITAS Inc.

All Rights Reserved. This module is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

If you have suggestions for improvement, please drop me a line. If you make improvements to this software, I ask that you please send me a copy of your changes. Thanks.


Alicebot ProgramV - A dusted off fork of Ernest Lergon's ProgramV updated for modern Perl






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