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Shopping product catalogue - simple

Build Status

Shopping product catalogue theme gives you a categorized display of all your products that you want to showcase to your prospective customers.




  • Product catalogue
  • Support for product variants
    • Specify price variations
    • Specify stock availability
  • Importers
    • Import data from shopify
  • Lazy loading images
  • Social sharing icons


Go to the directory where you have your Hugo site and run:

mkdir themes
cd themes
git clone
rm -rf hugo-shopping-product-catalogue-simple/.git

For more information read the official setup guide of Hugo.


After installing the theme successfully, i recommend you to take a look at the exampleSite directory. You will find a working Hugo site configured with the theme that you can use as a starting point for your site.

First, let's take a look at the config.toml. It will be useful to learn how to customize your site. Feel free to play around with the settings.


Have you found a bug or got an idea for a new feature? Feel free to use the issue tracker to let me know. Or make directly a pull request.


Thanks to Steve Francia for creating Hugo and the awesome community around the project.