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BitcoinKit implements Bitcoin protocol in Swift. It is an implementation of the Bitcoin SPV protocol written (almost) entirely in swift.



  • Send/receive transactions.
  • See current balance in a wallet.
  • Encoding/decoding addresses: P2PKH, WIF format.
  • Transaction building blocks: inputs, outputs, scripts.
  • EC keys and signatures.
  • BIP32, BIP44 hierarchical deterministic wallets.
  • BIP39 implementation.


Creating new wallet

let privateKey = PrivateKey(network: .testnet) // You can choose .mainnet or .testnet
let wallet = Wallet(privateKey: privateKey)

Import wallet from WIF

let wallet = try Wallet(wif: "92pMamV6jNyEq9pDpY4f6nBy9KpV2cfJT4L5zDUYiGqyQHJfF1K")

Hierarchical Deterministic Wallet

// Generate mnemonic
let mnemonic = try Mnemonic.generate()

// Generate seed from the mnemonic
let seed = Mnemonic.seed(mnemonic: mnemonic)

let wallet = HDWallet(seed: seed, network: .testnet)

Key derivation

let mnemonic = try Mnemonic.generate()
let seed = Mnemonic.seed(mnemonic: mnemonic)

let privateKey = HDPrivateKey(seed: seed, network: .testnet)

// m/0'
let m0prv = try! privateKey.derived(at: 0, hardened: true)

// m/0'/1
let m01prv = try! m0prv.derived(at: 1)

// m/0'/1/2'
let m012prv = try! m01prv.derived(at: 2, hardened: true)

HD Wallet Key derivation

let keychain = HDKeychain(seed: seed, network: .mainnet)
let privateKey = try! keychain.derivedKey(path: "m/44'/1'/0'/0/0")

Extended Keys

let extendedKey = privateKey.extended()

Sync blockchain

let blockStore = try! SQLiteBlockStore.default()
let blockChain = BlockChain(wallet: wallet, blockStore: blockStore)

let peerGroup = PeerGroup(blockChain: blockChain)
let peerGroup.delegate = self

let peerGroup.start()



BitcoinKit is available through Carthage. To install it, simply add the following line to your Cartfile:

github "kishikawakatsumi/BitcoinKit"


BitcoinKit is available through CocoaPods. To install it, simply add the following lines to your Podfile:

pod 'BitcoinKit'


Feel free to open issues, drop us pull requests or contact us to discuss how to do things.


Twitter: @k_katsumi


BitcoinKit is available under the Apache 2.0 license. See the LICENSE file for more info.