SECoreTextView is multi style text view.
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SECoreTextView License MIT

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SECoreTextView is multi-line rich text view library with clickable links, selectable text, embedding images and editing.

Movie 1


Multi-Line Rich text

iOS ScreenShot 1

Clickable hyper link

iOS ScreenShot 2

Embedding Images, Custom views, or Any blocks

iOS ScreenShot 8  iOS ScreenShot 9

Text selection

iOS ScreenShot 3  iOS ScreenShot 4  iOS ScreenShot 6

Copy & Paste

iOS ScreenShot 5

Editing (iOS only)

iOS ScreenShot 5

Both OS X / iOS supported

OS X ScreenShot 2

System Requirement

OS X 10.7(Lion) or later / iOS 5 or later



pod 'SECoreTextView'

Manual Install

  1. git clone
  2. Copy files in Lib and Resources to your project.
  3. Add CoreText.framework to your target.


SECoreTextView is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.