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$ go get -u



After install deliverbot, deliverbot execution binary is created under $GOPATH/bin. And it can used.

$ $GOPATH/bin/deliverbot --config ./config.toml


deliverbot can specify other options. You can get these options from deliverbot --help.

 --config value, -c value  Load configuration *.toml
 --port value, -p value    Server port to be listened (default: "3000")
 --region value, -r value  Setting AWS region for tomlssm (default: "ap-northeast-1")
 --help, -h                show help
 --version, -v             print the version


If you want to develop deliverbot based original bot, it proceed with development in the following procedure.

  1. $ cd $DELIVERBOT_INSTALL_DIRECTORY. Probably it will be under the $GOPATH/src/, If deliverbot installed to use go get.
$ cd $GOPATH/src/
  1. It necessary install dependencies.
$ make dep
  1. You start to edit awesome customization for deliverbot.
$ vim .
  1. You should make execution binary for local development. And after make build, you can get execution binary file for deliverbot.
$ make build
$ ls bin | grep deliverbot
deliverbot # You get awesome deliverbot.
  1. You can conform to execute your awesome deliverbot.
$ ./bin/deliverbot

It is okay to repeat from 3 to 5 steps. Enjoy development!

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