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SLATE - a native modern templating engine for mobile devices

slate is a light-weight NATIVE cross-platform( android - windows phone ) templating engine for mobile devices. Slate templates are available currrently for android and windows phone. They allow cross-platform UI development allowing you to create native UIs for both android and windows phone.

platform notes
output here currently available for android, see sample app
output here currently developed for windows, sample app not yet available


Here is a sample template in slate that generates a fully NATIVE UI for android and windows phone. Slate support tags that are similar to html. The templates are very easy to learn and use, almost 40% to 60% smaller than native android xml layouts, offer data binding and many other features. See the wiki page and for more information.

output here

live use

Slate templates are used in a live android calendar app on google play. The templates are used to generate cards or what we call "boards" on the home page. Check out Slate Calendar for live examples.

output here

sample code for above week forecast

// Loop through calendar and show all data for that day.
// This includes day/date/weather/first event time
   @each ( day in @calendar.days limit=4 )
		h6.dayName  @day.dayName			  
		text6.cell	@day.dayDate
		img.iconSmall	@day.weatherImage
		text6.cell	@day.tempHigh
		text6.cell	@day.tempLow
		text6.cell	@day.firstEventTimeAsText
		text6.cell	@day.totalEventsText
		text6.cell	@day.totalBDaysAsText


Here are some of the top uses for slate templates for both personal projects as well as commercial. Please note this is the first initial release of slate templates ( in beta ) and we will soon provide a beta 2 version.

# goal approach
1. NATIVE fully native templating engine converts text to native mobile controls
2. multi-platform templating engine converts text to native adnroid / windows phone controls
3. minimal typing size is 40 % to ** 60% ** less than xml !!!
4. simplicity ease to use elements and attributes
5. familiarity similar syntax to html and css
6. flexible styling tag elements with styles like in CSS
7. data-binding supply data to your templates ( mostly logic-less )

See wiki page for more info !



A native mobile templating engine



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