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Python Debugging with PDB


PDB Links

PDB Usage in a File

  • import pdb
  • pdb.set_trace()


  • no IDE required
  • can run on server

Using a PDB Breakpoint

Code Function Description
l list list 11 surrounding lines of code
ll long list list lines of code for current function or name
w where show stack trace
n next execute next line
s step step into function
a arguments will reveal all arguments
c continue continue until next break point
unt [#] until continue until specified line number
r return run until function return executes
b [#] breakpoint set breakpoint at specified line (i.e. b100)
cl [#] clear clear breakpoint at specified line (i.e. b100)
p [var] print print value of a variable
pp [var] pretty-print pretty-print value of a variable
q quit quit the debugger

Skip Remaining set_trace Breakpoints Hack

pdb.set_trace = lambda: None

Multiline Statements and Loops

  • launch a temporary interactive Python session with all the local variables available
    • will turn pdb into an interactive shell
    • [Ctrl] [D] to return to the regular pdb prompt
!import code; code.interact(local=vars())