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SmartAlarm IoT Device
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Smart Alarm for ESP8266

This is a smart alarm application for Android and Thing Interaction Framework (Kii Cloud).

See author's personal blog page (Japanese) for the detail.

How to build

  • You need to setup Arduino IDE for ESP8266.

  • Add ArduinoJson and PubSubClient to your Project.

  • Replace the symbols below.

    #define WIFI_SSID "<<your ssid>>"
    #define WIFI_PASSWORD "<<your ssid password>>"
    #define KII_APP_ID  "<<your app id>>"
    #define KII_APP_KEY "<<your app key>>"
    #define KII_MQTT_SERVER ""
    #define THING_VENDOR_ID  "1111"
    #define THING_PASSWORD   "2222"


This software is distributed under MIT License.

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