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Amazon Web Services Operator Interface
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Aegea: Amazon Web Services Operator Interface

Aegea is a command line interface (CLI) that provides a set of essential commands and terminal dashboards for operators of Amazon Web Services (AWS) accounts. Aegea lets you build AMIs and Docker images using the cloud-init config management package, manage config roles, launch and monitor instances and services, and manage AWS resources including ELB, RDS, and AWS Batch. It is intended to be used in conjunction with the existing functionality of the AWS CLI and boto3.


pip install aegea

Before you do this, you will also need to install some system library dependencies:

OS Python Command
OS X   sudo easy_install-2.7 pip; sudo pip install --ignore-installed six python-dateutil; sudo pip install aegea (if prompted to install XCode Command Line Tools, do it and try again)
Ubuntu Python 2 sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install build-essential python-pip python-dev python-cffi libffi-dev libssl-dev moreutils
Ubuntu Python 3 sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install build-essential python3-{pip,dev,cffi} libffi-dev libssl-dev moreutils
Red Hat Python 2 sudo yum install python-devel python-cffi openssl-devel moreutils
Red Hat Python 3 sudo yum install python3-devel python3-cffi openssl-devel moreutils

Run aws configure to configure IAM access credentials that will be used by the aws and aegea commands. You can create a new IAM key at

Ubuntu 12.04: Use pip install cffi instead of apt-get install python-cffi. Update your Python packaging utilities: for p in six setuptools packaging pip setuptools; do pip install --upgrade $p; hash -r; done.

Local install: run make install in this directory.

No root access; user-local install: Use make install_venv to install aegea in its own virtualenv. The last line of the output shows how to activate the virtualenv. The version of virtualenv packaged in Ubuntu 12.04 is too old; use pip install --upgrade --user virtualenv to upgrade it.

OS X with Homebrew Python: Run brew link --force openssl.

Aegea Batch

The AWS Batch API lets you run non-interactive command line workflows in Docker containers, managing AWS ECS, Spot Fleet, and EC2 in your account on your behalf. Use the aegea batch family of commands to interact with AWS Batch. The key command is aegea batch submit to submit jobs.

aegea/missions/docker-example/ is a root directory of an aegea mission - a configuration management role. It has a rootfs.skel and a config.yml, which has directives to install packages, etc. The example just installs the bwa APT package.

Run aegea-build-image-for-mission docker-example dex to build an ECR image called dex from the "docker-example" mission. You can list ECR images with aegea ecr ls, and delete them with e.g. aws ecr delete-repository dex.

Run aegea batch submit --ecs-image dex --command "bwa aln || true" "bwa mem || true" --memory 2048 --vcpus 4 --watch to run a Batch job that requires 2 GB RAM and 4 cores to be allocated to the Docker container, using the "dex" image, and executes two commands as listed after --command, using "bash -euo pipefail -c".

You can also use aegea batch submit --execute FILE. This will slurp up FILE (any type of shell script or ELF executable) and execute it in the job's Docker container.

The concurrency and cost of your Batch jobs is governed by the "Max vCPUs" setting in your compute environment. To change the capacity or other settings of your compute environment, go to, select "aegea_batch", and click "Edit".

AWS Batch launches and manages ECS host instances to execute your jobs. You can see the host instances by running aegea ls.

Configuration management

Aegea supports ingesting configuration from a configurable array of sources. Each source is a JSON or YAML file. Configuration sources that follow the first source update the configuration using recursive dictionary merging. Sources are enumerated in the following order (i.e., in order of increasing priority):

  • Site-wide configuration source, /etc/aegea/config.yml
  • User configuration source, ~/.config/aegea/config.yml
  • Any sources listed in the colon-delimited variable AEGEA_CONFIG_FILE
  • Command line options

Array merge operators: When loading a chain of configuration sources, Aegea uses recursive dictionary merging to combine the sources. Additionally, when the original config value is a list, Aegea supports array manipulation operators, which let you extend and modify arrays defined in underlying configurations. See for a list of these operators.

Building AMIs and Docker images

Aegea includes a lightweight configuration management system for building machine images based on cloud-init (both Docker images and AMIs are supported).

TODO: build_image build_ami build_docker_image rootfs.skel

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