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A toy file server.
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Nebula: a remote filesystem idea


I need a project to play around with the practicals of Racket. To me, practical uses are why I choose a given programming language mostly, and in this case, what I want to do intersects my systems and networking background. This idea is inspired by a talk from Joe Armstrong, from some previous ideas I’ve hacked on, and from talking on the tyrfingr IRC channel.

The basic idea is a file storage system, available via a network connection. Files are identified by a SHA256 hash, preferably with some metadata associated (such as creation time). A file is immutable; once entered, it doesn’t change.

Basic idea

The user can upload a stream of bytes (the file); the server will perform a SHA256 hash of the file and return this to the user. The file will be stored on disk in a file/<first two bytes of hash>/<rest of hash> directory.

For example, the file containing

Hello, world.

would be stored in


Some metadata might be entered in



This could be accomplished via either a TCP interface (using binary commands) or a REST API.


  • ACL
  • Encryption
  • File lineage (i.e. what’s the parent’s hash, allows pruning the tree)
  • Is there a way to work garbage collection into this?
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