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    a simple timecard / clocking program.

    i was inspired by a ruby program i saw on hacker news,
    artem's "C.rb, A Time Clocker For Your Next Project" (available at

    what does it do better and why rewrite it?
    basically, i wanted the ability to keep track of which project i was
    and the ability to report statistics per-project.

    projects cannot have a dash in their name because of the way dates
    are parsed. this is a known bug and will hopefully be addressed.

usage spec:
    tc <project>    clock in or out of project
    tc ?            am i clocked in?
    tc --conky      conky-friendly version of '?' command
    tc --time       basic statistics on time spent
    tc --report <week|month|year> 
                    report statistics based on time period
    tc --projects   list projects worked on
    tc -h           prints usage
    tc --log        show timecard log