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- Security Fix
- Don't pass MySQL password in the commandline, use ~/.my.cnf instead
(bug #146).
- New features
- Support for the --debug flag for outputting lots of information (bug
- Documentation of the local GPG encryption feature (bug #132).
- Bug Fixes
- No limitation to the number of files located in
- better handling of dar masters, don't fail if an archive is missing
(bug #127).
- Fixed a typo in the default configuration file (bug #133).
- SQL dumps are encrypted as well if BM_ENCRYPTION_METHOD is set to gpg
(bug #135).
- Don't fail if a file changed during the archive generation (bug #152).
- The purging phase handle only archives that are prefixed with
- Changes
- The post-command is now always exectued, event if an error occured
before (bug #118).
- Don't stop the pipe commands if one of them fails (bug #141).
- New features
- Support for lzma archives.
- Support for encryption of local archives with GPG.
- Support for FTP over SSL transfers (FTP upload method).
- Possible to burn non-Joliet disc image.
- Possible to choose if the purging should be recursive or not.
- Bug Fixes
- Fix for the md5 checking phase (was broken).
- Possible to burn DVD+R(W) within CRON environment.
- $BM_LOGGER_FACILITY is not ignored anymore.
- RSYNC uploads work smoothly again.
- Fix for the purging phase, no more annoying error messages.
- Changes
- SCP uploads are not performed with the $BM_UPLOAD_SSH_USER identity.
- backup-manager can be run by an unprivileged user.
- Paths of external programs are autodetected (no more static paths).
- The purging phase is not recursive by default.
- New feature(s)
- Possible to purge remote archives through SSH (new configuration
- Bug fixes
- Handle smartly pipe commands, don't think a command failed if not
(closes: #83).
- Can handle several targets in BM_TARBALL_TARGETS[] even if one the
targets contains a space.
- Support for expandable targets in BM_TARBALL_TARGETS[] (eg: you can
put /home/* and you'll get what you expect to).
- Default configuation file set BM_TARBALL_OVER_SSH to "false" instead
of "true".
- Doesn't trigger an error when BM_TARBALL_DIRECTORIES is not set anymore.
- BM_TARBALL_DIRECTORIES is not deprecated anymore, possible to use it as
well as BM_TARBALL_TARGETS[] the user can choose what he wants.
- New Features:
- New upload method: ssh-gpg (upload backups encrypted on-the-fly with GPG).
Thanks to Jan Metzger for his work.
- New upload method: Support for the Amazon S3 Web Service.
Thanks to Brad Dixon <> for his work.
- New option for the tarball generation: possible to build archives over
SSH (thanks to the new variable BM_TARBALL_OVER_SSH).
- Possible to choose which permissions to set on the repository/archives
when using the secure mode.
- New configuration variable "BM_UPLOAD_TTL" so remote archives can live
longer than local ones.
- Bug Fixes:
- Possible to enable FTP passive uploads for boxes behind a firewall.
- The .md5 files are not left on remote servers anymore during the FTP
purging phase.
- Bugfix in the duplicates purging system.
- The burning system can now safely burn archives in non-interactive
- Support for targets to backup with spaces in their names.
- Changes:
- The variable BM_TARBALL_DIRECTORIES is deprecated, it's replaced by
the array BM_TARBALL_TARGETS[]; so paths with spaces can be safely
- Full backups are now named differently than incremental ones: the
suffix "master" is appended to them.
- During the purging phase, masters aren't purged unless a newer master
is present.
* New Features:
+ It's now possible to use the burning system interactively in
order to burn the whole repository into several media.
[Michel Grentzinger, Alexis Sukrieh]
+ New option for the "--burn" switch, possible to give a
specific date for burning only data of that day
(eg: `--burn 20060310').
[Michel Grentzinger, Alexis Sukrieh]
+ New kind of DVD media: "DVD-RW". This kind of medium implies
blanking the medium before burning data whereas the "DVD" kind
[Alexis Sukrieh]
* Bug Fixes:
+ Incremental backup with dar now works correctly.
+ MD5 hashes are updated in the .md5 file when rebuilding an existing archive.
+ Stop removing files located in $BM_REPOSITORY_ROOT that aren't archives.
+ This release closes a total of 16 known bugs since the last release.
[The Devel Team]
* Changes:
+ Added support for the ServerAliveInterval ssh option.
This helps when the "building file list" step of
rsync takes a long time (high I/O load for example), and the
connection is closed because of non-activity.
[ Reched Ben Mustapha ]
* New Features:
+ Full "dar" archives support.
+ New variable `BM_MYSQL_SAFEDUMPS' for making safe MySQL dumps (locking tables).
* Changes:
+ Better support of DVD-RW media, bugfix of the DVD burning method.
2005-12-31 (0.6.1) Alexis Sukrieh <>
* Bug fix
Several backup methods can be used safely in the same configuration file,
the incremental method will then work as expected (Bug #14 closed).
2005-12-19 (0.6) Alexis Sukrieh <>
* New Features:
+ New backup method "tarball-incremental" for building
incremental backups.
+ New upload metyhod "rsync".
+ Support for multiple backup methods in BM_ARCHIVE_METHOD
+ Support for multiple upload methods in BM_UPLOAD_METHOD
+ User Guide available in different formats (HTML, PDF)
* Changes:
+ Booleans must be true/false values, yes/no are deprecated
(triggers warnings but backward compatible though).
+ Configuration key "BM_BURNING" is deprecated, use "BM_BURNING_METHOD" instead.
* Bugs closed by this release:
+ No error when the repository is not accessible by BM_UPLOAD_USER (bug #2)
+ [BM_TARBALL_BLACKLIST] error handling multiple directories (bug #4)
+ feature request: use of ports other than 22 for scp upload (bug #5)
+ Backup-Manager can't umount an unmounted CD (bug #6)
+ Write the user guide (bug #8)
+ Support for multiple methods in BM_ARCHIVE_METHOD (bug #9)
+ Function backup_method_rsync() uses BM_TARBALL confkeys (bug #10)
+ Configuration keys BM_UPLOAD_USER/KEY/PASSWORD should be renamed (bug #11)
* Translations:
+ Full translation in French.
+ Full translation in German.
+ Full translation in Spanish.
+ Full translation in Vietnamese.
2005-11-07 (0.5.9b) Alexis Sukrieh <>
* New Features:
+ New method "svn", SubVersioNs repositories can be archived safely
with svnadmin.
+ New method "pipe", Generic method for making archive with an external
command, athe content sent to stdout will be used.
+ DVD burning support is available. You can choose to burn your
archive repository on a DVD media, growisofs is used for this
* Changes:
+ Added a switch in the command line for the version number "--version".
+ Some more comments in the configuration file.
+ No default backup method anymore, trigger an error if unknown method
+ AUTHORS: fixed the name of "jimmy".
+ Makefile: man pages are generated and isntalled in the good section.
+ backup-manager.conf.tpl: Several typos.
* Bugs closed:
+ md5 files now have two spaces between the hash and the file name so
the file is now usable with md5sum --check. (closes: #3)
+ The backup switch now call backup_method_pipe() if needed.
+ "tarball" method is not the default one anymore, must be called
* Translations:
+ po/fr.po: New version of the French translations.
0.5.9 Alexis Sukrieh <>
* Configuration keys have been drastically renamed.
* Added a contrib script for upgrading the configuration files
to the new format:
* Upgraded the validation process, so deprecated variables trigger warnings
and are used as default values for the right name.
* Better control of the tar commands, when an error occured, user is warned,
and a temp logfile is given.
* Huge code cleanup for providing a modular implementation for several archive
* New archive method : mysql
+ uses mysqldump on a list of given databases.
+ facility to choose a compression format for the resulting SQL file.
* TODO backup method rsync
* TODO backup method pipe
0.5.8b Alexis Sukrieh <>
* Configuration keys have been drastically renamed.
* Security fixes
+ When burning a CDR, mktemp is used to prevent attacks on the file
+ It is possible to make the archive repository readable/writable by
a given user/group pair.
* Features
+ The configuration file is now validated before running.
Warnings are triggered if configuration keys are not set.
* Bug fixes
+ If the filetype "tar.bz2" is chosen, /usr/bin/bzip2 is mandatory.
+ The pre-command is run before the creation of the archive
+ No trailing spaces are lost anymore when printing messages.
* New configuration keys:
+ BM_PURGE_DUPLICATES tells if duplicates should be replaced by
symlinks (default is yes).
+ BM_REPOSITORY_SECURE tells if the archive repository and the
archive should be readable/writable by a given user:group (default
is yes).
+ If BM_REPOSITORY_SECURE is activated, BM_USER and BM_GROUP should
be filled (default is root:root).
+ BM_BURNING_CHKMD5 tells if the MD5 checksums should be checked when
a CDR is burnt (default is yes).
+ BM_BURNING_DEVFORCED tells backup manager to force a device
whenever a cdrecord command is performed, and then bypass the
default cdrecord device (default is disabled).
0.5.8a Alexis Sukrieh <>
* bug fix in the logger, the output is now clean.
* bug fix when making tarballs: we don't warn about an
already existing file if not true.
* New library for holding backup methods.
* first implementation of the rsync backup method
0.5.8 Alexis Sukrieh <>
* Fixed a bug when calculating total disk usage of a specified
path when the locale is not en_EN or fr_FR.
* Added the possibility to log everything to syslog.
A new configuration key is provided : BM_LOGGER for setting this
new feature on or off (default is on).
Note that the user can choose which syslog facility he wants
(default is user).
* Added the facility to set BM_USER and BM_GROUP for providing a way
to chmod and chown the repository and the archives.
(closes a security issue)
* When creating archives, backup-manager now replaces any duplicate
it founds with symlink to the most recent archive for saving
disk space.
* Added BM_FTP_PURGE configuration key for removing files
on ftp transfer before uploading files.
0.5.7 Alexis Sukrieh <>
* Removed the file TODO
* Added a COPYING file with the content of the GPL V2.
* Renamed backup-manager.conf.tpl backup-manager.conf.
* Better handling of pre and post commands.
* Added a file CHANGELOG.