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Mac OS X todo:
- use native help system:
- use native spellchecking - done automaticall,y but set the right
language (NSSpellChecker)
- use 32x32 icons (kHIToolbarDisplaySizeDefault)
- detect UI language correctly (wx fix?)
- make it runnable "in tray", don't exit if last file closed
- native help viewer(?)
1. It doesn't seem to like other charsets than UTF-8 (which is fine, all
our message catalogs are in that format anyway)
2. Probably a wx bug, but: if you have the file selection dialog open in a
folder, and switch to the Finder and remove one of the files in the
directory that Poedit is currently displaying, it crashes.
XLIFF support
High priority:
- save catalog manager content to a file, so that it can be put into
CVS for some project
- inserting %s, %d, <html_tags> into translation with a shortcut
- make list control customizable: optionally display only "original string"
column (suggested by Mladen Mintakovic)
- sortable list (by columns) both in catalog manager and the main frame
- use virtual wxListCtrl
- remember the exact way msgid/msgstr was stored (where the boundaries between
multiple lines are) and save it like that unless modified.
- TMX import/export:
- loading of .mo files
- make it possible to edit (or at least export & import) translation memory.
Reason: there may be wrong translations in it.
Lower priority:
- (??) Some means of automatically submitting updated translations: either via
a web or xml-rpc application or by directly accessing CVS...
- automatic translation via web services [Vadim]
(Babelfish and Perl/Python script to parse it; maybe Google SOAP)
- statistics (# of words, # of characters)
- TM should split input string into sentences before querying db
- OnResize should move the sash so that its distance from bottom edge stays same
- shared databases for multiple users?
- reading MO files directly
- configurable file extension of .mo file (.gmo)
- when saving po files, write more references on one line
- It should be possible to sort for original and tranlation strings on the main
window. This would make it easier to find similar translations, to see them
- Search for comment could help to find some strings faster.