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facebook chat(xmpp). X-FACEBOOK-PLATFORM SASL for ruby xmpp4r

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Expansion XMPP4R to authenticate with Facebook Connect in Ruby

gem install xmpp4r_facebook

Sample code:
require 'xmpp4r_facebook'

id = '-<sender user id>'
to = '-<user id>'
body = "hello, Im not spam!"
subject = 'message from ruby'
message = to, body
message.subject = subject

client =
client.auth_sasl(, '<App ID/API Key>', '<Access Token>', '<App Secret>'), nil)
client.send message

Ensure your access token has `xmpp_login` permission. Check at

(I want to work in Silicon Valley as a software engineer.)
Copyright (c) 2010 kissrobber, released under the GPL license
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