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Static HTML file browser for Dropbox

Screenshot about output

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About the program

This program can generate html files to every directory in your Dropbox/Public folder (or any other shared folder) and makes it possible to navigate online between these directories when it looks like an output of apache web server.


  • Dropbox account. If you don't have one, you can register here:
  • Linux (or Windows, but I can't give you any help how to use this program under Windows)
  • Python 2.7 interpreter (3.0 or newer versions may not work)
  • The following modules must be installed:
    • jinja2
    • unipath


  1. Before starting the program, please edit the with your favourite text editor. Setting up takes less than 30 seconds if you read the comments in
  2. Now start with -h or --help command line argument. There will be a short info about it. python --help
  3. Use " --install location" command, and it will copy "icons" directory to the specified directory. python --install ~/Dropbox/Public/
  4. Start the program with a location command line argument, which is the path of the Public folder of your Dropbox directory. python ~/Dropbox/Public/
  5. Try it out! Share the link of the index.html file which is in the root directory of Dropbox/Public folder. You can open it with a webbrowser or you can share it on the internet.


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