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A Kanban-inspired app for keeping track of things that need to get done. (Don't forget to read the Wiki page!)
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TaskBoard is currently being re-written from scratch. The master and dev branches are still maintained, but are not getting new features at this time.

If you'd like to see how it's progressing, take a look at the re-write branch (keeping in mind it's still a work in progress at this point) or the GitHub Project.


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A Kanban-inspired app for keeping track of things that need to get done.

The goal of TaskBoard is to provide a simple and clean interface to a functional and minimal application for keeping track of tasks. It's not trying to be the next Trello or LeanKit.

How It's Made

  1. Front end
  1. Back end
  • RESTful API written in PHP, using Slim Framework for routing and RedBeanPHP for database ORM. Also uses PHPMailer for sending emails.

  • Token-based authentication.

  • SQLite database.



A web server running PHP with sqlite enabled. Developed and tested under Apache2 running PHP 5.5+.

The server must have sqlite and php5-sqlite installed, as well as the rewrite and expires Apache modules.

Note: For Apache v2.3.9 and later, virtual host for a site should have AllowOverride All for TaskBoard root directory. Otherwise, .htaccess files will be completely ignored.

Optional: to build minimized JavaScript and CSS (Install step 3) you must have curl and a jre installed, tested with openjdk-7-jre and openjdk-8-jre.


Installing TaskBoard is as easy as 1, 2, (3), 4!

Note: You can skip step 3 if you don't care about minification of JavaScript and CSS for a production environment!

  1. Clone the repository directly where you want it, or clone and copy to it's final location.

     git clone
  2. Install the PHP dependencies via composer. Open TaskBoard/ in a terminal and run ./build/composer.phar install

  3. (Optional) Open TaskBoard/build/ in a terminal and run ./build-all.

  4. Visit the site and log in with the username and password admin (and don't forget to change the password once you're in!).

Note: Ensure TaskBoard/api/ is writable so the back end can do its job!

Development instance

Now you can start a simple development environment with the php internal webserver.

php -S devrouter.php

After launching the internal webserver go to



TaskBoard will email you (if you supply it with an email address) about changes in the following cases: Board Created, Board Updated, Item Created, Item Edited, Item Comment Created, and Item Comment Edited.

For now, it emails all users assigned to the related Board. There will be further work done on this to allow more fine-grained control of emails.


The settings page allows normal users to see what boards they have access to and edit their user settings.

Admin users have the same, with the additional abilities of adding/editing users and boards, and viewing a log of all activity in TaskBoard.

Settings Image


Each board may have as many columns as needed. For example, a software project might have columns like:

  • Proposed
  • Backlog
  • In Work
  • Test
  • Done
  • Archived

Or maybe you want to track a simple todo list with just:

  • Todo
  • Doing
  • Done

It's all up to you! However many columns you have, each column may have tasks added to it, and tasks can be dragged to other columns as they progress (or edited and assigned to a new column).

Boards may also have categories for additional organization, e.g. Bug, Enhancement, New Feature.

Board Image


An item (task) only has to have a Title to be added to a board, but there is much more than that available. Items may be assigned to any user on the board (or left Unassigned), and include options for Due Date, Color, Points (an optional difficulty rating), and Category.

TaskBoard uses a Markdown parser for the Description, allowing for better display of details (like this readme).

Once an item has been entered, it may have Comments or Attachments added to it by viewing the task detail. There is a link to edit the item, which takes you to a modal much like the original add item dialog. For admin users, there is also a link to delete the item. This view also shows the task's activity log on the right side of the screen, displaying the complete history of events related to the item.

Task Image


Constructive feedback is appreciated! If you have ideas for improvement, please add an issue or submit a pull request.

If you find a bug, please post it on the Issue Tracker.

Lines of Code

It's silly to use LOC as a metric, but it can be interesting to see what goes into a project. This is only for TaskBoard files (library code is excluded), using CLOC.

Count was done from parent directory of TaskBoard as cloc TaskBoard --exclude-dir=lib,vendor.

Language Files Blank Lines Comments Code
Javascript 23 220 34 2087
PHP 9 235 55 1220
HTML 24 12 10 1160
CSS 1 13 26 703
Bourne Again Shell 4 12 0 58
JSON 1 0 0 17
XML 1 0 0 12
SUM: 63 492 125 5257

Counts Last Updated: Nov 8, 2015

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