An Angular 2 Single Page Application (SPA) for tracking your recipes.
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An Angular 2 Single Page Application (SPA) for tracking your recipes.

Here's an example of the searchable, filterable, recipes list page (the default route):

Recipe List

And this is what it looks like when you open a recipe:

Recipe Detail

And of course, it's mobile-first so it looks nice on any screen:

Mobile Example


This project assumes you have npm and gulp installed globally. It also uses scss-lint (gem install scss-lint).

  • Clone the repo: git clone
  • Install dependencies: npm install
  • Build the app: gulp

You'll need to make sure the dist/api directory is writable. The mod_rewrite module must also be enabled in Apache.

If not running at the root of your server, you will need to update the base href in src/index.html as it defaults to /dist/.


Tests are in the test directory.

To run the tests, use the command gulp test. This generates the JavaScript files, then runs the tests against them.

You can also have the tests auto-run when changed by running the gulp watchtests command.

To see code coverage from the tests, use the gulp coverage command. This runs the tests, and generates coverage.html (it's a bit slower than just tests, hence the separate command).


For a production setup, uncomment the lines in boot.ts to put Angular in production mode.

You may also want to run the minification task to minify vendor files: gulp minify

API Development

If you add a model or controller to the API, you will need to run gulp composer to update the autoloader.

Auto-Refresh when Developing

You may run gulp watch in a stand-alone terminal to have the output automatically updated when you save changes.

If you install the fb-flo plugin on Chromium (Chrome) you can have automatic browser refresh as well.