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GNU Radio Radar Toolbox
C++ Python CMake C

GNU Radio Radar Toolbox

Install guide
Change to any folder in your home directory and enter following commands in your terminal.

git clone // clone this repository
cd gr-radar/
mkdir build // make build folder
cd build/
cmake ../ // build makefiles
make // build toolbox

Some testcases use huge buffer sizes. Therefore you have to increse the maximum size of a single shared memory segment. Run following line to fix that. Additionally the script configures some USRP stuff. All changes will be resetted after reboot.

sudo ./../examples/setup/setup_core

Now you can run all testcases and install the toolbox. If ctest responds with '100% tests passed' the toolbox should be build correctly.

ctest // run tests
sudo make install // install toolbox

Development progress blog

For full documentation open docs/html/index.html in any web browser.

Development platform
GNU Radio 3.7.4
UHD 3.7.2
Ubuntu 14.04

Qt 4.8.6
Qwt 6.0.0

Qt and Qwt should be installed with GNU Radio. But there can be issues if Qwt is below version 6. python-matplotlib is included in some testcases.

Stefan Wunsch

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