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# import ROOT in batch mode
import sys
oldargv = sys.argv[:]
sys.argv = [ '-b-' ]
import ROOT
sys.argv = oldargv
# load FWLite C++ libraries
# load FWlite python libraries
from DataFormats.FWLite import Handle, Events
muons, muonLabel = Handle("std::vector<pat::Muon>"), "slimmedMuons"
electrons, electronLabel = Handle("std::vector<pat::Electron>"), "slimmedElectrons"
photons, photonLabel = Handle("std::vector<pat::Photon>"), "slimmedPhotons"
taus, tauLabel = Handle("std::vector<pat::Tau>"), "slimmedTaus"
jets, jetLabel = Handle("std::vector<pat::Jet>"), "slimmedJets"
fatjets, fatjetLabel = Handle("std::vector<pat::Jet>"), "slimmedJetsAK8"
mets, metLabel = Handle("std::vector<pat::MET>"), "slimmedMETs"
vertices, vertexLabel = Handle("std::vector<reco::Vertex>"), "offlineSlimmedPrimaryVertices"
verticesScore = Handle("edm::ValueMap<float>")
# open file (you can use 'edmFileUtil -d /store/whatever.root' to get the physical file name)
events = Events('file:/pnfs/')
for iev,event in enumerate(events):
if iev >= 10: break
event.getByLabel(muonLabel, muons)
event.getByLabel(electronLabel, electrons)
event.getByLabel(photonLabel, photons)
event.getByLabel(tauLabel, taus)
event.getByLabel(jetLabel, jets)
event.getByLabel(fatjetLabel, fatjets)
event.getByLabel(metLabel, mets)
event.getByLabel(vertexLabel, vertices)
event.getByLabel(vertexLabel, verticesScore)
print "\nEvent %d: run %6d, lumi %4d, event %12d" % (iev,event.eventAuxiliary().run(), event.eventAuxiliary().luminosityBlock(),event.eventAuxiliary().event())
# Vertices
if len(vertices.product()) == 0 or vertices.product()[0].ndof() < 4:
print "Event has no good primary vertex."
PV = vertices.product()[0]
print "PV at x,y,z = %+5.3f, %+5.3f, %+6.3f, ndof: %.1f, score: (pt2 of clustered objects) %.1f" % (PV.x(), PV.y(), PV.z(), PV.ndof(),verticesScore.product().get(0))
# Muons
for i,mu in enumerate(muons.product()):
if < 5 or not mu.isLooseMuon(): continue
print "muon %2d: pt %4.1f, dz(PV) %+5.3f, POG loose id %d, tight id %d." % (
i,, mu.muonBestTrack().dz(PV.position()), mu.isLooseMuon(), mu.isTightMuon(PV))
# Electrons
for i,el in enumerate(electrons.product()):
if < 5: continue
print "elec %2d: pt %4.1f, supercluster eta %+5.3f, sigmaIetaIeta %.3f (%.3f with full5x5 shower shapes), lost hits %d, pass conv veto %d" % (
i,, el.superCluster().eta(), el.sigmaIetaIeta(), el.full5x5_sigmaIetaIeta(),el.gsfTrack().hitPattern().numberOfLostHits(ROOT.reco.HitPattern.MISSING_INNER_HITS), el.passConversionVeto())
# Photon
for i,pho in enumerate(photons.product()):
if < 20 or pho.chargedHadronIso()/ > 0.3: continue
print "phot %2d: pt %4.1f, supercluster eta %+5.3f, sigmaIetaIeta %.3f (%.3f with full5x5 shower shapes)" % (
i,, pho.superCluster().eta(), pho.sigmaIetaIeta(), pho.full5x5_sigmaIetaIeta())
# Tau
for i,tau in enumerate(taus.product()):
if < 20: continue
print "tau %2d: pt %4.1f, dxy signif %.1f, ID(byMediumCombinedIsolationDeltaBetaCorr3Hits) %.1f, lead candidate pt %.1f, pdgId %d " % (
i,, tau.dxy_Sig(), tau.tauID("byMediumCombinedIsolationDeltaBetaCorr3Hits"), tau.leadCand().pt(), tau.leadCand().pdgId())
# Jets (standard AK4)
for i,j in enumerate(jets.product()):
if < 20: continue
print "jet %3d: pt %5.1f (raw pt %5.1f, matched-calojet pt %5.1f), eta %+4.2f, btag run1(CSV) ) %.3f, run2(pfCSVIVFV2) %.3f, pileup mva disc %+.2f" % (
i,,*j.jecFactor('Uncorrected'), j.userFloat("caloJetMap:pt"), j.eta(), max(0,j.bDiscriminator("combinedSecondaryVertexBJetTags")), max(0,j.bDiscriminator("pfCombinedInclusiveSecondaryVertexV2BJetTags")), j.userFloat("pileupJetId:fullDiscriminant"))
if i == 0: # for the first jet, let's print the leading constituents
constituents = [ j.daughter(i2) for i2 in xrange(j.numberOfDaughters()) ]
constituents.sort(key = lambda, reverse=True)
for i2, cand in enumerate(constituents):
if i2 > 4:
print " ....."
print " constituent %3d: pt %6.2f, dz(pv) %+.3f, pdgId %+3d" % (i2,,,cand.pdgId())
# Fat AK8 Jets
for i,j in enumerate(fatjets.product()):
print "jetAK8 %3d: pt %5.1f (raw pt %5.1f), eta %+4.2f, mass %5.1f ungroomed, %5.1f softdrop, %5.1f pruned, %5.1f trimmed, %5.1f filtered. CMS TopTagger %.1f" % (
i,,*j.jecFactor('Uncorrected'), j.eta(), j.mass(), j.userFloat('ak8PFJetsCHSSoftDropMass'), j.userFloat('ak8PFJetsCHSPrunedMass'), j.userFloat('ak8PFJetsCHSTrimmedMass'), j.userFloat('ak8PFJetsCHSFilteredMass'), j.userFloat("cmsTopTagPFJetsCHSMassAK8"))
# To get the constituents of the AK8 jets, you have to loop over all of the
# daughters recursively. To save space, the first two constituents are actually
# the Soft Drop SUBJETS, which will then point to their daughters.
# The remaining constituents are those constituents removed by soft drop but
# still in the AK8 jet.
constituents = []
for ida in xrange( j.numberOfDaughters() ) :
cand = j.daughter(ida)
if cand.numberOfDaughters() == 0 :
constituents.append( cand )
else :
for jda in xrange( cand.numberOfDaughters() ) :
cand2 = cand.daughter(jda)
constituents.append( cand2 )
constituents.sort(key = lambda, reverse=True)
for i2, cand in enumerate(constituents):
if i2 > 4:
print " ....."
print " constituent %3d: pt %6.2f, pdgId %+3d, #dau %+3d" % (i2,,cand.pdgId(), cand.numberOfDaughters())
wSubjets = j.subjets('SoftDrop')
for iw,wsub in enumerate( wSubjets ) :
print " w subjet %3d: pt %5.1f (raw pt %5.1f), eta %+4.2f, mass %5.1f " % (
iw,,*wsub.jecFactor('Uncorrected'), wsub.eta(), wsub.mass()
tSubjets = j.subjets('CMSTopTag')
for it,tsub in enumerate( tSubjets ) :
print " t subjet %3d: pt %5.1f (raw pt %5.1f), eta %+4.2f, mass %5.1f " % (
it,,*tsub.jecFactor('Uncorrected'), tsub.eta(), tsub.mass()