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How to install mastodon-archive-viewer

First you need an initialized OPAM installed If you don't have it installed, it can be fetched from your system packages manager. Then to initialize it, do opam init -a, then eval $(opam config env)

Now, to install mastodon-archive-viewer, do opam pin add mastodon-archive-viewer .

How to use mastodon-archive-viewer

Now that mastodon-archive-viewer is installed you just need to download the archive you want to view, extract it in a new directory, then do:

$ cd <the archive directory>
$ mastodon-archive-viewer outbox.json

The mastodon-archive-viewer tool has also some options to filter out some items for example. Check out the available options with mastodon-archive-viewer --help


If the installation fails somewhere while building the dependencies, you might miss one of these tools on your systems: make, gcc, m4, libc-dev. This might happen on a newly installed Alpine Linux, for instance.


  • Testing (I guess I missed some heuristics, help welcome!!)
  • Documentation
  • Clean code and better errors